MODIS Atmosphere Products Collection 6 Release Webinar Series

In 2014, NASA presented a webinar series on the newly released MODIS collection 6 atmosphere products. Each webinar lasted approximately 45 minutes followed by a question and answer period. The webinars give an overview and explanation of each of the products for a general audience as well as a segment on the differences between collection 6 and collection 5.1 for experienced users.

The table below shows the schedule for each of the presentations.

Schedule of Topics for MODIS Collection 6 Atmosphere Webinar Series:

Topic Presenter(s) Date Materials
Overview of Collect 6 update
L1 Calibration Overview
Steve Platnick
Jack Xiong
25-Jun-14 Presentation
MODIS Dark Target Global 10 Km Product Rob Levy 2-Jul-14 Presentation
MODIS Aerosols Deep Blue Andy Sayer 9-Jul-14 Presentation
MODIS Aerosols Merged Dark Target:
Deep Blue Product
Rob Levy / Andy Sayer 16-Jul-14 Presentation
MODIS Dark Target 3 Km Product Leigh Munchak 23-Jul-14 Presentation
MOD035 Cloud Mask and Clear Sky Products: atmosphere profile & clear sky radiance maps Steve Ackerman 13-Aug-14 Presentation
MOD06 Cloud Top Properties Product Paul Menzel 20-Aug-14 Presentation
Archives and Data Acquisition Ed Masuoka 10-Sep-14 Presentation Video
MOD06 Cloud Optical Properties Steve Platnick 17-Sep-14 Presentation Video
MOD08 Level 3 Product Steve Platnick /
Bill Ridgway
24-Sep-14 Presentation Video
Giovanni Aerosols Express Jim Acker 1-Oct-14 Presentation Video
MODIS Atmosphere Product Resources Richard Kleidman 8-Oct-14 Presentation Video
MAIAC 1 Km Aerosol Product Alexei Lyapustin 15-Oct-14 Presentation Video
MODIS Atmospheric Moisture Profile Product Paul Menzel 29-Oct-14 Presentation Video